At Atomic Falls, we want to begin a tradition of creating the most convincing and immersive Wasteland themed experience we can.  This means Wasteland attire for everyone!

I see we have quickly separated into three camps: the "I don't have a wasteland costume" camp of newbies, the "I can't afford to have enough costumes for 4 days" camp of hobbyists, and the "What costume? This is my daily attire" camp of veterans.  Well, and Bob, but he's out by himself for a reason.  Cover that up, man, there are women present.

We old timers know the truth.  We all started out worried and lost, then had that single outfit, and now have so many parts and pieces we never wear them all.  We were all there, and now we'll get you here, without breaking the bank or using all of your free time.  But first we need to go over some... Bob, c'mon, seriously, I can't work like this.... Anyway, first we will go over some
general guidelines for attire, and then we'll go over some firm rules.  We will give you some general ideas to get started


So when do you wear your kit?  We ask that everyone be in some form of Wasteland themed attire when in public areas of the event.  Seriously.  This is an immersive event - if we wanted to see your snarky hipster t-shirt or your cute bedazzled purse, we'd meet you in a coffee shop and drink overpriced sludge.  But, we are here to be in the wasteland for 4 days. The irradiated sludge out here is free anyway.

Yes, I said public areas.  Inside your tent or RV is considered a private area - and Bob, that is also considered a private area. Will you please put that away! Hostile work environment!


What about pavilions and structures? If the public is allowed inside it, then you and they need to be in costume.

What about bathroom trips at 3AM?  Yes.  There will be people still up, and they don't want to see your SpongeBob SquarePants footie pajamas.  Or that, Bob! Do you own a lawnmower?  Then use it!

How can you possible justify putting on a full kit every time the iguana on a stick takes it’s midnight revenge?  We understand - no one wants to get armored up for a caravan Raid, just to make quick trips across camp.  Especially that 3AM porta-potty  trip. Even in an actual post-apocalyptic universe, not even real Raiders would do that - and we won't ask you to do it, either.  Repeat after me: Wasteland Casual.

What is Wasteland Casual?  Not everyone in the Wasteland needs to wear armor all the time.  Atomic Falls is a (relatively) peaceful settlement.  Wasteland Casual represents that fact:  What do you wear in the apocalypse when you aren't raiding, pillaging, and... *ahem* I mean, defending against raiders and pillagers? Nobody asked you, Bob!


Wasteland Casual means comfortable clothes that still feel thematic.  A pair of weathered military fatigue pants and an old shirt spray painted with the logo of your tribe is comfortable, in-theme, and doesn't drag down the experience for everyone.


Wasteland Casual does not include plain blue jeans (no matter how many holes they have in them) or a t-shirt emblazoned with your favorite lacrosse team's logo.  Yes, one might argue that anything that exists today could technically survive into the aftermath.  But please don't argue that, because this is four days of apocalypse immersion, and your attire will set the tone for everyone around you.

Okay, but how can I afford to do this?  For starters, we have some general tips below.  We also will post useful links on the Facebook page from time to time.  Even Bob can do this... and you really should, Bob!


Costumes are mandatory at this event.  All attendees must be in a post apocalyptic costume when not in their own tent*

  • No blue jeans (unless heavily altered and distressed)

  • No slogan/logo t-shirts

  • No cartoon characters

  • No real firearms or weapons

  • No zombies

  • No rave toys or attire

  • No brand new or non-distressed clothing

  • No cyborgs or robots

  • No nudity

All rules are subject to interpretation by the Board and their representatives.  This works in your favor - ASK US!!!  

We do not want to hinder creativity or fun times, but we are providing an atmosphere that requires participation from all of our guests. Even Bob.  Please double-check your costume before leaving  home.



Consider buying the base clothing layer of your costume at thrift stores and yard sales. Many props and accessories can be found secondhand in thrift stores or dollar stores. Consider places you wouldn't normally look for clothing or costume items such as junkyards, scrap metal yards, free paint exchange at the County hazardous waste drop-off - or even your own trash & recycling bin!

Here is a real world example from an actual Wastelander:

Hiking boots from Goodwill - $9
Khaki cargo pants from Goodwill - $4
Tan spray paint from Walmart - $3
Dirt from ground - $0
Long sleeved white shirt from Goodwill - $3.50
Tea bag from pantry - $0


First, spray the pants lightly and randomly with paint, and rub the pants on the ground while the paint is still wet.  In fact, grind it in with your foot.  Now, fill a sink with hot water, submerge the wadded shirt, drop a tea bag in corner of sink, and go play Fallout.  After an hour's soak, dry the shirt.

This is a Wastelander Casual outfit appropriate for the whole weekend for $20.