Q: What is this event? 
A: Hmmm... Not gonna survive long in the wasteland, are you?  Atomic Falls is a post-apocalyptic wasteland themed, immersive gathering, for any and all people who are interested in some aspect of that aesthetic, fictional narrative, or subculture. Any costume, prop, performance, entertainment, musical act, vehicle, activity, product, craft, demonstration, service, art, installation, or similar that fits within the theme of “post-apocalyptic wasteland” is welcome. The event comes together as a collaboration between attendees who choose to bring their creations to display and share. Because of this, events of this type can be hard to define, since they can differ year to year depending on what community members want to bring. At the same time, this is exactly what makes them so fun, since you never know what you will discover each time.  In short, spend 4 days camping while pretending to be a Mad Max extra.

Q: What ages can attend?
A: The event will be 21 and up.  No kids, even if you put a costume on it.  I mean, have you even seen a baby crawl in armor?

Q: Can we bring pets?
A: Pets are not allowed at the event.  Unless they are already skinned/plucked/butchered, in which case, bring enough for me.

Q: Will alcohol/tobacco be allowed?
A: Yes. However, due to legal restrictions, alcohol and tobacco sales won't be allowed on the event site.  This means you.  Yes, you.  You know who you are.

Q: What is the weapon policy?

A: No actual weapons are allowed.  No firearms.  No projectile weapons.  No flamethrowers.  No melee weapons.  Prop weapons are allowed.  Oh, pointing out that any prop you can carry can be a melee weapon, are you?  Well... true.  See our Code of Conduct policy, our Costume and Prop page, and this answer.  If you have questions about your prop, please contact our special staff of specialists who specialize in... a specialty.  

Q: Are there electrical hookups?

A: No.  You should plan for primitive camping.  Don't be a wimp - it's the apocalypse.

Q: Is there running water?

A: There is access to tap water on the event grounds. You should plan on bringing your water for drinking.  There are two bathroom and shower facilities.  Any standing water is runoff from our secret fusion reactor.  Where did we get a reactor?  Don't ask, it's a secret.  Seriously, don't drink the water.

Q: What facilities are available for event use?
A: We've got basic primitive camping locations and multiple flat areas for group or individual tent camping. We also have flat paved and gravel areas appropriate for RV or camper parking. There are a few large covered areas under roofed shelter - don't expect to be camping there.  There are 2 bathroom and shower facilities.  Also... porta-potties.  

Q: What about bathroom facilities?

A: There are 2 bathroom and shower facilities and also porta-potties available.  Use them.  Using the wilderness is not acceptable.  No urination or defecation outside of the potties will be tolerated.  Unless someone gets stung by a jellyfish, right?  Isn't that what you are supposed to do?  Wait, I'm being told that jellyfish are not permitted at this event.  Never mind.  We might suggest you bring a roll of toilet paper, just in case.  Not for anything jellyfish related though.

Q: Can I bring camp tools like hammers and knives?
A: Typical camping or cooking tools and equipment are fine. 

Q: What is a sound camp?
A: A sound camp is any camp, including tribe camps, that plans to make a lot of sustained loud sounds as a major/central part of their offering to the collective event experience.  Examples include DJ stages, bands, karaoke, performances with backing soundtracks, etc.  Your camp could also be considered a sound camp if you practice flaying (or roasting alive) irradiated mutants without using a gag on them.

Q: Are there amenities available?

A: Ice will be available for purchase on site.  Tobacco and alcohol cannot be sold at this event, so be sure to stock up before you pass through Wyandotte.

Q: What type of costumes and props are allowed?
A: Thematic costumes and props. Like wasteland kinds of stuff. Sheesh. Oh, my boss is saying something, hang on... Okay, apparently I should say this:  In general, prop weapons such as plastic guns or non-metallic replicas of bladed weapons are fine. As a general rule, "Disney sharp" is what we're looking for. Ideally, it should be very unlikely that anyone could be injured by the prop during normal cosplay or social activities.

Q: Can my prop be a working weapon?

A: No actual weapons are allowed.  No firearms.  No projectile weapons.  No flamethrowers.  No melee weapons.  Prop weapons are allowed.  Oh, pointing out that any prop you can carry can be a melee weapon, are you?  Well... true.  See our Code of Conduct policy, our Costume and Prop page, and this answer.  If you have questions about your prop, please contact our special staff of specialists who specialize in... a specialty.  What, you were expecting a different response than we gave above?  We are serious about this.

Q: What about guidelines for costume safety?
A: Many Wastelander costumes are almost more “wearable art installation” than costume. As such, they may contain materials that are sharp or protruding. We request that for safety and good consent etiquette, everyone go by the principle of “ask before touching.”  People wearing such costumes should exercise reasonable caution and remain aware of their surroundings. After dark, please no sharp edges or points on costumes.  And no rabbit costumes, those are really unsafe. (I had a bad experience at a furry con...)

Q: What type of vehicles are allowed?

A: Arrive in any vehicle you like, provided it's legal, road worthy, and doesn't require a landing strip.  Parking for all vehicles will be in designated areas. And we don't have a landing strip, so don't ask.

Q: What should I know about art vehicles?
A: Art vehicles of all types within the post apocalyptic genre are allowed and encouraged! Anyone who chooses to ride in someone's art vehicle does so in the understanding that they accept any and all risks inherent in doing so. We ask that art vehicles be built and operated in such a way that they do not cause property damage. 

Q: Can I leave and come back?

A: Yes.  You can leave and return during the posted hours.  There is a physical gate at the entrance which is closed at night, so be sure to be back by the posted time. You will be asked to show your armband as you come back through gate check in.  Your safety is our primary concern (safety third!!), so don't get behind the wheel if you are impaired in any way.

Q: Are free or discounted tickets available? 
A: Currently we have no plans to offer any free or discount tickets. Even the board and section leads are paying full ticket price to attend.  Even me...

Q: When can I buy tickets? I can't wait! So excited!
A: Tickets are available now on burnertickets.com.

Q: Will tickets be transferable?
A: Yes, until May 21st.

Q: Can I sell my ticket?
A: Yes, for original ticket cost or less.  Scalping isn't cool.  Though I hear there might be a trader at Atomic Falls who offers plenty of caps for ears.

Q: Can I leave and come back?
A: Yes, as long as the main gate is open you may leave and come back.  Hours to be posted on site.

Q: I would like to volunteer! How do I get a volunteer spot?
A: We will have many volunteer opportunities, in various areas, including but not limited to: gate, ranger, first aid tent, and more! If you would like to volunteer in one of those areas, join the Facebook group to stay posted on opportunities as they come open.  And I always have a spot open for volunteers who like long walks along the shore of the mirelurk sanctuary.  Especially if you'll add me to your will first.

Q: Does volunteering get me a discount?

A: No.  There are no discounts.  TANSTAAFL.  Well, there is, but I hear the chunks of meat in the Atomic Falls Soup Kitchen lunch special is... well, I'd pass if I were you.

In closing, please keep in mind that information posted in the FAQ and on other pages of the website is subject to change as necessary depending on circumstances.

We will announce posts of new information on the Facebook page.