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475460 E 891

Stilwell, OK 74960


Gate Crew, Rangers, Medics

Be the welcoming committee, help maintain order, or kiss all the crusty booboos!

The event cannot run without our amazing volunteer force so we depend on you to contribute part of your time to help us provide the best Wasteland experience possible. We don't expect you to do this for free. Your time will be handsomely rewarded with a discounted ticket to next year's event and there's generally some cool (volunteer only) swag.

Sounds pretty great right? Click the link below to fill out the Volunteer interest form and let us know you wanna join the ranks.

(Please note that volunteer link will be active early 2023.)


Stage Volunteers

Stage performers of all varieties needed, including but not limited to actors, singers, dancers musicians, magicians, poets, comedians, burlesque, drag, lip synch, etc.

Stage Crew needed for miscellaneous jobs including but not limited to sound tech, light tech, heavy lifting, organizing performers, running crew, town criers, errand runnners, etc.

If you are interested in performing, being on Stage Crew, or have any questions, please email our stage manager, Snacks


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