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475460 E 891

Stilwell, OK 74960



Atomic Falls is a wasteland themed event.

Imagine the world of Mad Max, Fallout, The Road, and The Book of Eli.  The world is in ruins.  Manufacturing no longer exists.  The vestiges of the old civilization are everywhere, but their use and meanings are irrelevant.  Resources once plentiful are rare commodities; commodities which your fellow man covets and will kill for.

It's time for a new breed of mankind to emerge - the survivor.  For protection, cobble together your armor from the scraps of the old world.  For safety, intimidate those you encounter with fierce embellishments.  For mobility, bring that rusted wreck to life and ride the broken roadways of a forgotten civilization.

For a life beyond mere survival, come to Atomic Falls! A neutral site for fellow wanderers like yourself.

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