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Vendor Applications are available NOW!!


Fill out the form if you:

  • Have a vendor truck

  • Have a food truck

  • Have a cart longer than 5 feet

  • Want to be placed in Bartertown

  • Want to be placed in Downtown Square

Do NOT fill out an application if you want to vend from your personal camping space.

Trade, sales, and barter are allowed at the Atomic Falls event. Individual vendors are responsible for ensuring that they have secured current copies of any permits or licenses they may need.

We can’t allow sale of alcohol, tobacco, or non-prop firearms.

We want vendors who are able to provide a product, good, or service that fits with the theme of the event, and who can set up a vending facility that is reasonably in theme as well.


We aren't charging a vendor fee in 2018, because all attendees, including vendors & their staff must purchase tickets.

If you are not sure if your particular category would be better described as a tribe camp, vendor, or both, please contact us for clarification.

Individual trade, sales, and barter is also allowed and encouraged at the event, since these activities fit nicely with in a post-apocalyptic Wasteland theme.

There is no need to sign up for a vendor spot if you want to have an individual trade or barter goods table at your campsite.

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