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First, we want to thank you for considering bringing a tribe encampment. They can be a lot of work, but they are the heart of events like this.

If you are interested in presenting or hosting a tribe encampment at the Atomic Falls event, you will want to fill out an application on this page after tickets go on sale.

The application is intended to collect information about your camp's planned activities, infrastructure, and needs, so that we can find you the best physical location available on site.

What is a tribe camp? Great question! Without tribe camps, these sort of events would still be fun, but it wouldn't be quite the same. They are a big part of what makes events like this special and unusual. At most events similar to Atomic Falls, there is a tradition of various official or unofficial groups choosing to participate by offering a contribution of their choice. These contributions can be food, beverages, bars, places to relax, opportunities to collaborate freely in creative projects, games, performances, entertainment, musical acts or karaoke, interactive structures or installations, or areas that provide goods or services - really anything Wasteland-themed you can think of that would be useful, interesting, and fun.

If you have attended another Wasteland event, you have probably already encountered tribe camps. At a Renaissance Faire, these would be the presenters and performers; the people putting on the jousting performance, or the falconry demonstration. At a Wasteland event, you may find tribe camps also being referred to as clans, factions, and so forth. This is mostly for the purpose of remaining in-theme. 

A tribe camp typically stands out from other camps in a few ways. 

  • A tribe camp is usually, but not always, a large group effort. 

  • A tribe camp often needs some accommodation made by event leadership. For example, a camp hosting several art vehicle parades or shows might need priority access to roadways or parking areas during their activity.

  • The producers of the camp commit to provide a level of “thematic excellence.”

  • The camp usually commits to remaining open to all event attendees for a certain amount of the day or night, which may mean the camp will need to provide staff to facilitate guest interaction with their contributions.

  • A tribe camp often requires some amount of permission, assistance, or interaction from the event itself. For example, a camp wanting to host a Thunderdome or Rage Cage combat Arena, would want to check with event leadership to make sure that it fits within the safety guidelines for the event. A camp that intends to provide musical entertainment may need to be assigned to an area that is suitable to setting up their soundstage.

  • Tribe camps are listed on the official event schedule page of the web sites and in any printed programs. 

Many tribe camps are visually quite interesting, so they often receive central locations where there will be a good amount of traffic and foot traffic, and where event-goers will have an easy time finding them.

If you are still not sure if your planned contribution should be a tribe camp or not, contact us through the website contact page or join our Facebook group.
As we get closer to the event, we will ask for more information about your camp's needs. The intent is not to limit or prevent anyone from exercising their creativity or self-expression, but rather to allow city planning to place you in the best location for your needs.

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