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If you need to arrive earlier than the schedule, please contact us by May 12th so that we can discuss and try and accommodate your needs. Please include the names of those arriving early, when you need to arrive, and the reason you need early accommodations.

If you would like your camp events to appear on the schedule - we would too!!  Please let us know by May 12th what your event is, and when you would like to schedule it.  We will help coordinate the events.


Descriptions below the event schedule




Gate Openings and Closings

Remember, you can only leave and return to Atomic Falls during Open Gate hours.

1st Annual Atomic Falls Scavenger Hunt

Meet at Tribe CFA at 11:45 Saturday for rules and scavenger hunt sheets.  The Hunt starts at noon, and you must be back at Tribe CFA by 1:30 - If you don't make it back, you are out of the Hunt.  The first 100 get a free scavenged beer!  Awards Ceremony on the Main Stage at 3:00

  • 1st Place - Roku and Wasteland Trophy

  • 2nd Place - $30 and Wasteland Trophy

  • 2nd Place - $20 and Wasteland Trophy

Apocalypse Meow Theatre


Fiasco Sauce and Lizard will keep the the ol' movie projector rolling during the day. Look for the movie times and lineup on the sign out front.

THURSDAY NIGHT: Get to minglin' and let out your amateur battle cry at somethin' like what the old world called karaoke

FRIDAY NIGHT: Apocalypse Meow Vaudeville Revue. OOO's, AAAH's, OOOH's and MMM's as performers such as Suzy Specter, Captain Burton, Fiasco Sauce, Lizard, and Trainwreck blow your mind and split your sides. Folks don't come here for the food, but there is food. 

SATURDAY NIGHT: MORE MORE MORE but less and less dressed. Respectfully join us for the Apocalypse Meow Burlesque Dinner Theatre with the likes of Miss Smashley, Gidget Handful, and Spector!!

Apocanista Fashion Show

Join the lovely Inky Dreadator from Atomic Endings as she hosts a fashion show unlike any other in the ruined world.  Armor and kit will be on display from across the country!  Saturday at 4 PM on the Main Stage!

Atomic Falls Teetotaler

Run by Atomic Endings' very own Kookie Kalashnikov, Atomic Falls Teetotaler gives residents a safe, non-judgmental place to share support and experiences regarding abstinence from alcohol and other vices.  Patches will be given out.  If you aren't a member, please remember to respect your fellow Wastelanders' choices.  Meetings daily at noon and sundown (8 PM) near the Atomic Endings camp.  Bring a chair!

Spoonies Unite!

The exceptional Trainwreck from Atomic Endings will be hosting this short seminar.  In the game of life, not everyone always has the same starting position or number of dice.  Learn how to identify and relate to your fellow Wastelanders who may have a different number of spoons as you.  Confused?  Interested?  Then come to the seminar - Friday at 11:30 AM on the Main Stage!


Wasteland Downs

Friday at 5:00, head to the train station to watch the Monster Mower Drag Race!

Wasteland Swimsuit Competition

Hosted by the 149th War Wolves.  Expect to see a slew of lovely bodies (and some mutants, potentially).  Look for swimsuits, wet t-shirts, and wet briefs.  Don't miss it - Friday at noon on the Main Stage!

Wasteland Trivia

Join us on the Main Stage on Saturday at 1 PM to test your intellect.  We put the I in SPECIAL.  Prizes to be given out to those who show themselves to be intellectual powerhouses.  Trivia questions regarding all aspects of Wasteland, including pop culture, science, and survival.

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