Welcome to Atomic Falls, a friendly little community conveniently located in the radioactive wastes of Old Oklahoma

We invite you to join us in the wastes of Oklahoma D-Day, June 17, 2020 for a camp-out and festival gathering of Wastelanders.

History of Atomic Falls

Historians believe the original buildings were once part of a pre-cataclysm structure called an “adventure park.” It is outside the ruined township of Wyandotte.

When our founders reclaimed the old park, they envisioned a crossroads where people could meet up along on the wasteland caravan routes that now connect the territories of the old USA.

In the decades after the Cataclysm, Atomic Falls has grown into a place where travelers come to trade, barter, see a show, bet on a battle arena match, maybe pick up bounties for a few spare caps, then join in our town’s extremely lively night life.

We are proud to say that Atomic Falls welcomes all travelers, regardless of faction, clan, mutant DNA, or species. We think you'll have a heckuva day at Atomic Falls, USA!